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    5 Things I Learned When I Sold My House

    Selling a home is a big decision to make. You’ve made this house your home, gotten married, raised your children, spent countless holidays and hosted parties. This is your home. But now it’s time to sell your home and move. There are a lot of moving parts when selling a home and here are 5 things I learned:

    • Keeping a show ready house is hard, especially with a toddler.
    • People will knock on your door and expect to see your home.
    • You can’t always change what buyers don’t like about your home.
    • You have to trust your Realtor.
    • It’s worth it.

    My husband and I made the decision to move back to Arizona from Colorado after we had our first child. Even though we LOVED our home, it was important to us to be close to friends and family again. We made the decision to put our house on the market about the time our son started walking. We required a 2-hour notice for all showings and thank goodness for that. As I vacuumed or picked up toys, my son excitedly followed me and spilled crackers and pulled out toys. Don’t get me wrong, I like to keep a clean house, but I became almost paranoid that someone would see dog hair or I would forget a cup in the sink because I was chasing my child around. Don’t worry, it WILL happen. You can’t remember everything, every time someone looks at your house, and that’s okay. You are still allowed to live there.

    While this isn’t common, we did have a few people expect to see the house by just showing up or calling and ignoring the 2-hour notice and want to see it ASAP. Please let me refer you to the prior paragraph why I never allowed that. I understand I want to sell my home and need to be flexible, but I still need to be able to pull everything together and undo the damage my child just did in the past 30 seconds.

    The hardest part of selling our house was that we backed to a main road and a high school that was directly behind that. While we LOVED the high school right there and the main road didn’t bother us, it bothered most buyers. We knew this would be an issue for some people. However, Every. Single. Person. that looked at the house didn’t like the street. The average days on market for a house in Colorado is about 30 days, well we passed that. We couldn’t change what people didn’t like. Paint? We can change that. Carpet? We can change that. What we can’t do, is move a road.

    Throughout the selling process, our Realtor worked tirelessly to sell our house. She sold us the house 4 years prior and lived a few blocks away, so I knew she was familiar with our house and the neighborhood. She held open houses, sent out marketing material, promoted our house to other Realtors, and followed up with everyone who looked at the house. We were fortunate to have a Realtor I knew I could trust. She stayed in constant communication with me and kept me in the loop throughout the entire process. She saw me laugh, cry and ultimately, she was my saving grace.

    As we approached 90 days on the market, we received and accepted an offer on our house and 30 days later, we closed and moved back to Arizona. In the end, it was all worth the wait. We got asking price and the buyers were fabulous. If there’s one thing I would suggest, it would be to find the right Realtor to help you through the process. There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes to buy and sell a home and my Realtor helped walk me through everything.

    Article written by Liz Sindelar


    Bill and Cindy Flowers Team

    Keller Williams Integrity First Realty



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